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This obsidian locket necklace is great for anyone in need of protection & grounding or those who are grieving a loss of any kind.

Silver heirloom locket with a mini vial of obsidian stones, on a 60cm chain.


Obsidian is a highly protective stone. It is great for sensitive souls, as it forms an inpenetrable shield around you to deflect negative energy. It can protect your energy in unnerving situations, such as in crowds. However, it can also stop you from connecting with others, making you almost invisible, so use it wisely.


When in need of protection, hold obsidian in your hand and imagine it forming a shield around you.

When making difficult decisions, hold, still the mind and allow the stone to connect with your inner thoughts.

As obsidian is so effective at absorbing negative energy, it is important to cleanse it under running water after each use.

Obsidian Locket for Protection & Grounding

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