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Instagram: @poppylockets

X (Twitter): @PoppyLocketsHB


Poppy Lockets | Glass Lockets | Lockets & Charms | Memory Lockets | Personalised Jewellery | Charm Necklace | Charm Bracelet | Aromatheray Lockets

You don't have to say 'I Love You' to say 'I Love You'!

A piece of jewellery should be more than just that. It should tell a story, be a reminder of good times & great memories or hopes & wishes for the future. It should be a story-teller.

At Poppy Lockets, create stories with your gifts by adding representative charms. Each piece has a different meaning to each person... so why not make your gifts Personal? Add memories, add symbols of where they/you are, where they/you came from & the love you feel for them/yourself.

What could say 'I Love You' more!

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