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Now you can add a touch of your favourite fragrance to your car with these Car Aroma Lockets. 
Simply choose your favourite scented oil and add a couple of drops to the felt pads (6 included) and place it in the locket. The Locket then attaches to your car air vent.


***FREE GIFT with LOCKET* order***
(*1 free gift per order)



Aroma Locket for the Car


    Stainless Steel


    We take pride in offering eco friendly packaging throughout our store.
    Our packaging is recyclable and, wherever possible, made from recycled materials.


    Simply wash the felt pads in warm soapy water and leave to dry before changing fragrances.


    •    Lockets and accessories are not recommended for Children under 8 years of age.
    •    Keep Away from small children & animals, as small objects and chains may cause choking. Lockets contain glass, which could also cause harm if broken. 
    •    As the Lockets are made with a delicate glass, please avoid hitting off hard objects. 
    •    Lockets are NOT waterproof and should be kept away from moisture. 
    • Avoid using perfumes or lotions while wearing your locket.
    • Avoid storing your jewellery in direct sunlight.
    •    Clean using a jewellery or microfibre cloth so as to avoid scratching.
    •    Keep different metals (e.g. silver, gold, etc -including plated metals-) separate so as to avoid tarnishing. 
    •    Use your nails to open Magnetic Lockets from the side. Alternatively, Locket may screw open & may separate completely.
    •    Beware when opening your Locket, as small objects may fall out.

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