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Get your New Year off to a great start with our New Year starter kit healing crystal Locket. Embrace healing, balance, self-love, protection, kindness & motivation, all encased in a beautiful Heirloom locket, on a 60cm chain. 

Not just for New Year, this locket is a great piece to be worn all year round!!!..


What a great Christmas gift or anytime gift!!


Inside, you have:

~ AMETHYST for healing and cleansing . It calms the mind and relieves anxiety and depression & provides balance. It is also useful for insomnia.

~ CLEAR QUARTZ for balancing the energies. It activates & amplifies intentions & raises the vibration of any other crystal it comes into contact with.

~ ROSE QUARTZ for unconditional love. It promotes joy & aids in harmonising your relationships, promoting self-love & love of others, whilst instilling calm and peace.

~ TIGER’S EYE for grounding and protection. It encourages self confidence, courage and willpower & increases motivation.


Choose the locket with a small amount of each crystal or to have a vial of each so as to mix & match when needed.

The New Year Starter Locket

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