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The Abundance Locket is named so, as it possesses 4 crystals known for manifesting success, luck & abundance.

~ Aventurine attracts good luck and brings prosperity & good fortune into your life.

~ Citrine radiates health, wealth and aids in shedding toxic vibes.

~ Clear Quartz activates & amplifies intentions & raises the vibration of any other crystal it comes into contact with &

~ Moonstone works with the moon to channel abundance.

~ The Laughing Buddah symbolises good fortune & all-over happiness in life.


These carefully selected gemstones are put together in a gold heirloom locket, as Gold* is a symbol of wealth and is considered to bring good luck to those who wear it (60cm chain also included).


*However, if you would prefer silver or rose gold, please say so in the notes at the checkout.


Choose the locket with a small amount of each crystal or to have a vial of each so as to mix & match when needed.

The Abundance Locket of Luck

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