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Add some magic to your Poppy Locket with some natural healing crystals/stones. Protect & enhance your energy to it's highest potential with these beautiful gem stones. 


Vial size: 13 x 18mm.

Each vial holds approximately 1.5g of crystals but this can vary between crystals. 

*Our Smokey Quartz does not fit into the vials but will come in a 2g pack

If you would like a mix of stones, please select the 'Mixed Stone' option and add the stones you would like in the Personalisation section. The quantity will depend on the amount of stones required.

Please Note: The colour, size and shape of the crystal chips may vary, this is due to the natural variations in these stones.

Raw Crystal Natural Healing Gem Stones for Floating Lockets (L-T)

  • Please keep lockets and charms/gemstones out of reach of small children & animals!


    This is the stone for new beginnings, for adventures of both the body & the heart. It is known for igniting inner power. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. This can be a great help during menstruation. As well as that, Moonstone is also known to enhance intuition & promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

    A lava stone born from the fire of a volcano, Obsidian is raw, rare and ever ready to lend its healing protection to all who wear it. Whether in tough times or on a daily basis, it’s one of the best shields you could wish for.
    Best used for protecting against negative energy. Obsidian is actually thought to absorb it, and even block things like psychic attack. Use this stone during tough times or situations.

    With the sheen of a pearl on rainbow fire, the Opal is a dream to behold. Known for bringing loving positive vibes to the party and for lending spiritual light to your aura, this is a full spectrum stone of healing.
    Best used for raising cosmic consciousness, clearing out bad vibes, independent thinking, and inspiring creative minds


    Purple Jade is a stone of happiness, joy, and humour. It aids us in achieving acceptance of the Divine order and the grounding knowledge that all is as it should be. It helps us release self-limiting beliefs, along with other self-imposed limitations, and opens us up to the natural and effortless abundance the Universe provides. It also helps protect and regulate our aura, making it an ideal stone for empaths and highly sensitive people. It relieves anxiety and calms the nervous system. It opens, activates, protects, and heals the Crown and Third Eye Chakras as it helps us find attunement and alignment with our personal Divine path.


    Red Agate is a stone of strength. In ancient times, it was used on the breastplates of armour to give warriors strength in times of battle. Agate enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a great stone for both students and artists. It is also known as a good luck stone. Agate enhances longevity, rather than giving a burst of energy. It is a very protective stone, especially for children. It is said to be especially useful for protecting children from falling, but can also be used to protect against harmful spirits.


    Red Jasper cleanses and energises the root chakra, anchoring us to the present moment, fostering a sense of stability and security even amidst life's storms. It dissolves tension and restores balance, easing anxiety and promoting a deep sense of tranquillity. Red Jasper encourages us to confront our fears with courage and grace.

    Physically, it is believed to stimulate circulation and enhance vitality. Its grounding energy reminds us of the inherent wisdom and healing power found in nature's embrace. This crystal is associated with physical strength and stamina, making it beneficial for supporting muscle endurance and resilience.

    Perfect in pink and providing deep sweet healing to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is for those who are ready to restore trust, harmony and unconditional love back into their inner world.
    Best used for healing emotional wounds, cultivating divine love, improving compassion & friendships


    Smoky Quartz is a mood elevator. It disperses fear & negativity and promotes positive thinking. It moves negative energy from the aura deep into the earth. It aids concentration & unlocks memory, so is great for exam time. It protects against the electromagnetic field & geopathic stress. Smoky quartz harmonises all of the chakras, but is particularly good for grounding at the base or root chakra.


    Snowflake Obsidian helps us to recognise any limiting habits or beliefs we may have. It is helpful in times of shock, trauma or grief of any kind. It reduces feelings of loneliness, turning it into a feeling of empowerment. It helps to slow the mind down & to stop it from wandering endlessly. This stone works with our root and third eye chakras to balance, purify, and ground the mind, body, and aura.


    This stone represents the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger, helping us to make decisions from within, rather than reacting to outside influences. It is known to protect from the effects of the Evil Eye and for the removal of negative energies. The tiger’s eye is a stone of health and vitality, believed to bring success in health, love and money


    Tourmaline is known for aiding in immune system and nervous system functions, as well as giving an overall boost of health to make you feel physically stronger. Green Tourmaline, in particular, is great if you are feeling sluggish or suffering from fatigue. It can also aid in giving any negative thoughts a positive spin. There are many colours in the tourmaline family, each with its own special power. Some of these include:

    Black Tourmaline, used for protection and grounding

    Pink Tourmaline encourages compassion and gentleness

    Yellow Tourmaline encourages creativity

    Green Tourmaline for rejuvenation and revitalisation

    Purple Tourmaline for the release of any emotional attachments

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