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Add some magic to your Poppy Locket with some natural healing crystals/stones. Protect & enhance your energy to it's highest potential with these beautiful gem stones. 


Vial size: 13 x 18mm.

Each vial holds approximately 1.5g of crystals but this can vary between crystals.


If you would like a mix of stones, please select the 'Mixed Stone' option and add the stones you would like in the Personalisation section. The quantity of each will depend on the amount of stones required.

Please Note: The colour, size and shape of the crystal chips may vary, this is due to the natural variations in these stones.

Raw Crystal Natural Healing Gem Stones for Floating Lockets (A-L)

  • Please keep lockets and charms/gemstones out of reach of small children & animals!


    The Courage Stone of Amazonite invites you to find that inner strength to live up to your complete strength in a way that doesn’t exhaust the emotional soul. This is a great stone for clearing out traumas that can get locked in the body bringing you back into a healthy harmonious balance.


    Considered the most powerful and protective stone, Amethyst is often used for its ability to stimulate the mind and the emotions. 
    Best used for protecting against fear and feelings of guilt. It instills calmness, alleviating anxiety, and protecting against unpleasant dreams.


    Aquamarine represents happiness, hope and everlasting youth.  Its ocean shades brings instant calm to the heart & is known for balancing tranquil vibes with a jolt of energy.
    Best used for emotional balance, clear-headed communication & to create mental clarity. It also helps in soothing an overactive mind & can be used to improve the intellect


    Aventurine is amazing when it comes to attracting good luck and bringing perfect prosperity into your life. Connected to the heart chakra it also harmonises the physical, emotional and spiritual side of being. Green aventurine declutters the energy field, especially around the heart chakra. This is why it is a wonderful stone for attracting romance. It assists us in healing old emotional wounds while simultaneously opening us up to receive more love.
    Best used for boosting leadership qualities, embracing change, and enhancing motivation for creativity. Gives healing support for cardiac conditions, circulatory problems, and those recovering from surgery or illness.


    Sunny bright and ready to wake you from slumber, Citrine radiates health, wealth and sloughing away toxic vibes. This stone is unable to hold bad energy, a firm reminder that when life gives you lemons…
    Best used for grounding negative energy, aiding in smoothing family or dynamic group problems, promoting love and happiness, and guarding against those who would break your heart. Also used as an emotional shield against spite and jealousy.


    As pure as the spring rains, Clear Quartz is all about powerful cleansing. This quartz crystal will drench you to the bone with its positive vibes. Boost your immunity and follow your bliss with one of our favourite healing crystals.
    Best used for supporting professionals in the artistic community, musicians, those who work in media fields, and doctors. Useful in the treatment of migraine headaches, vertigo, or motion sickness.


    Dalmatian is sometimes referred to as the stone of joy as it has a playful, childlike vibration that can help you release anger or feelings of hurt. It allows us to connect with our inner child to let go of resentment, bitterness, or feelings of restriction to immerse ourselves fully in the positive aspects of life. The dark spots are caused by Tourmaline deposits, which adds the energy of spiritual grounding and psychic protection to this stone.


    The Garnet is known as the stone of glory. It works by opening the heart chakra, helping to recover a sense of vitality that may have become lost over time. It is known for stimulating creativity, boosting the metabolism & reducing toxins in the body. It provides strength in challenging situations and helps to balance energy.


    Known as the stone of eternity, Indian Agate, brings comfort to the idea of growing old by boosting feelings of inner beauty, wisdom, and gratitude for all that is and is to be. It helps to release old emotions, and brings a positive outlook on life. It brings calming, and tranquil vibrations to the heart. The colour red also promotes strength, willpower, and creativity.


    A stone of stunning transformation, Labradorite is best used for balancing the chakras, protecting the aura, and dispelling depressive vibes from your life. Sink into sublime consciousness with this shimmering starlight stone.
    Best used in times of transformation and finding your inner courage. This stone is also an amazing motivator, a great tool for communication, and for those who want to find their deeper purpose.

    A firm favourite with ancient civilizations, Lapis Lazuli has long been connected with the spiritual enlightenment and deep self-expression. Strengthen your immune system and get ready to harness your personal power and truth.
    Best used for harnessing wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, creativity

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