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Silver heirloom locket with Tree of Life backing plate & amethyst crystals on a 60cm chain.

Add an 'I am Enough' Charm to make it the perfect gift for someone in need of some self-care.


Amethyst calms, helping you to be more focused & in control. It quietens an overactive mind, reducing insomnia & nightmares. It dispels anger, rage, fear & anxiety & alleviates grief & sadness in times of loss. It relieves headache & reduces swelling.


Place under your pillow to aid with sleep & pleasant dreams.

Place on the crown chakra to quiet the mind & on the 3rd eye to attract intuition, protection, courage, and manifestation.


The Tree of Life represents our connection to the earth and to the afterlife.

The tree is vital to our existence and is seen as a representation of strength, durability, protection, knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Amethyst Locket for Stress, Anger & Anxiety

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