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How to put your Poppy Locket glass memory locket together...

Step 1: Choose your Charms

The idea behind these beautiful glass lockets is to give the wearer a sense of how they are seen by you. Add memories & milestones & lots of meaning.

Show loved ones how much they mean to you.

Choose charms that tell you something about the wearer. And even more importantly, how the wearer is seen by you.

Lockets and accessories are sold separately, allowing you to personalise your piece to tell your own story.

You can sort charms by catagory in the 'Filter' section or simply search for specific charms in the search bar at the top of the page.

FYI: Charms can have different meanings eg. the tree charm can represent strength & stability or can a family tree. Horses represent freedom, etc.

Step 2: Choose your Locket

When you have chosen your representative charms, it is time to piece the story together in a locket of your choice.

Do you/they prefer gold, silver or rose gold or maybe a bit or colour?

Classic round glass lockets in rose gold (in 4 sizes)
Classic round glass lockets in rose gold

How many charms have you chosen. We would recommend the following:

~1-2 charms (mini 20mm locket)*

~3-4 charms (midi 25mm locket)*

~5-7 charms (large 30mm locket)*

~8-10 charms (XL 34mm locket)*

~10-12 (XXL 38mm locket)*

*(more can be added but it may be harder to see them)

Step 3: Leave the rest to us...

Now, simply checkout and leave the rest to us.

We will put your story locket together & box it up, ready to be gifted & worn.

These lockets really are a unique & beautiful gift of love, to be remembered and cherished throughout the years.

Contact us for more info/ideas

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