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C H O O S E Y O U R L O C K E T Choosing a locket is like choosing a frame for your story. Choose Your locket colour and size. Keep in mind the number of charms you wish to add &, of course, what colour the giftee is likely to get the most wear out of. [Approx charms per locket size: micro (1 sml), mini (1-2 charms), midi (3-4), large (5-7), XL (8-10), XXL (10-12)] We have a beautiful range of glass locket necklaces & bracelets to choose from... So which is your favourite?


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C H O O S E Y O U R C H A R M S Choose charms that tell you something about the wearer. And even more importantly, how the wearer is seen by you. It may contain stories & secrets or memories, but should always be a conversation starter. Whatever you choose, make it meaningful!  Lockets and accessories are sold separately, allowing you to personalise your piece to tell your own story. You can sort charms by catagory in the 'Filter' section or simply search for specific charms in the search bar at the top of the page.


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L E A V E T H E R E S T T O U S Now, simply checkout and leave the rest to us. We will put your story locket together & box it up, ready to be worn or gifted. ​ It is sure to be a unique gift of love, to be remembered and cherished throughout the years.

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You don't have to say 'I Love You' to say 'I Love You'!

A piece of jewellery should be more than just that. It should tell a story, be a reminder of good times & great memories or hopes & wishes for the future. It should be a story-teller.

At Poppy Lockets, create stories with your gifts by adding representative charms. Each piece has a different meaning to each person... so why not make your gifts Personal? Add memories, add symbols of where they/you are, where they/you came from & the love you feel for them/yourself.

What could say 'I Love You' more!

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