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Choose between the Heirloom Locket (3 colour options) with a mixed vial of all 4 crystals or a vial full of each crystal.

The locket comes on a 60cm matching chain & presented in a Poppy Lockets Gift Box.


The Best Healing Crystals for Mothers Handpicked for this Beautiful Locket:


Motherhood is a profound journey filled with love, joy, and many challenges. In the whirlwind of caring for others, it's essential for mothers to nurture themselves as well. One way to cultivate self-care and inner balance is through the use of healing crystals. These natural wonders are believed to possess unique energies that can support emotional well-being and spiritual growth. Here are some of the best healing crystals for supporting mothers:


Rose Quartz:

Known as the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz emits a gentle, soothing energy that nurtures the heart. For mothers, it can help cultivate self-love and compassion, while also fostering a deeper connection with their children/loved ones. Placing Rose Quartz by the bedside or wearing it as jewellery can promote a sense of peace and harmony within the family.



Renowned for its calming properties, Amethyst is an excellent crystal for promoting relaxation and stress relief. Mothers juggling multiple responsibilities can benefit from its tranquil energy, which encourages restful sleep and mental clarity. Placing Amethyst clusters in the home or carrying a piece in a pocket or purse can help maintain a sense of balance amid life's chaos.



As a stone of feminine energy and intuition, Moonstone is particularly beneficial for mothers navigating the ebb and flow of emotions. It promotes emotional healing, enhances intuition, and fosters a deeper connection with one's inner wisdom. Keeping a piece of Moonstone nearby during meditation or wearing it as a pendant can support mothers in trusting their instincts and making empowered decisions.


Clear Quartz:

Often referred to as the "master healer," Clear Quartz is revered for its ability to amplify energy and cleanse negativity. For mothers striving to maintain balance and clarity amongst life's demands, Clear Quartz can serve as a potent ally. Its purifying energy can help dispel stress and negativity, promoting a sense of clarity and focus. Placing Clear Quartz clusters in the home or wearing it as jewellery can create a harmonious environment conducive to personal growth and well-being.


Incorporating these healing crystals into daily life can provide mothers with a supportive framework for self-care and emotional resilience. Whether worn as jewellery, placed in the home, or used during meditation, these crystals serve as gentle reminders of the inherent strength and beauty within every mother. As they nurture themselves, mothers can cultivate a deeper sense of balance, empowerment, and serenity to enrich their journey of motherhood

Handpicked for Mothers Healing Crystal Locket

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